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April 17, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Mad Men, Press, Video

Last week the interview that January Jones and her “Mad Men” co-stars did with Diane Sawyer aired on ABC World News, Nightline and Good Morning America in bits and pieces. It’s a nice group interview and here are a few clips:


In other “Mad Men” news, The Hollywood Reporter has a great re-cap for those of you who missed the season opener as well as info on the ratings, which weren’t the best.

Not unlike the pace of its series, Mad Men has historically been a steady performer for AMC — solid but never spiking in a similar fashion to Breaking Bad or heavyweight The Walking Dead.

But Sunday night saw the series’ final season actually dip in its premiere. The first of the current seven-episode batch took in 2.3 million viewers. That’s a 1.1 million drop from the comparable premiere last year and the series’ least watched opener since the second season in 2008.

From The Hollywood Reporter :

‘Mad Men’ Recap Episode 1TV Ratings: ‘Mad Men’ Takes a Hit in Return, Fetches 2.3 Million Viewers


April 17, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Mad Men, Press

Mad Men fans: brace yourselves. The seventh and final season of the beloved show premieres tonight — and to say we’re bummed it’s ending is an understatement. January Jones, however, seems to be taking it a bit easier than we are. We talked with the Mad Men star at Lucky‘s Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference, where she revealed why she’s content with the show concluding. Read on to hear Jones spill on the hardest part of filming the last season, what the premiere has in store for us, and more.

Do you think it’s the right time for the show to end?
“I do think it’s the right time. It’s going to be next year that it ends; we still have a little while. But, I do, because I think we all want to go out when everyone still likes it, and not when everyone’s sick of it. They might already be sick of it, I don’t know. I think our story is ready to be done being told in that way, but it will be sad, and I’ll miss everybody.”

When did you first learn that season seven would be the last? What was your reaction?
“Probably a couple years ago. We got advance notice, so we were like, ‘Oh okay, that’s a couple years from now.’ First, we only thought we were going to get one year. Then, they said season five was definitely the end. Then, they brought it to seven, so we’re like ‘Okay, that’s fine.'”

Is the on-set dynamic any different now that you know it’s ending?
“I think everyone is just a bit more emotional. Certain people have emotional scenes. Maybe that’s the last time those characters will interact, or it’s the last time we’ll see that character. It’s kind of getting to that point where everything seems like the last of something, or the end of something. But, then again, we don’t get a lot of notice about what’s happening in the next episode, so it’s like ‘Was this the last scene we’re going to do together?’ We don’t really know, so it’s kind of hard.”

What can we expect from the premiere?
“I just saw the premiere a couple days ago. It was probably the best season opener I’ve seen — maybe since season one or two. It was so good.”


April 17, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Appearances, Gallery, Mad Men

I’m getting these updates up one post at a time, so forgive me! On April 4th, January along with the rest of her co-stars attended the “Mad Men” Season 7 Press Conference. I LOVE the look without the coat and you can find 32 images from the event including many in HQ by clicking the preview!

April 3, 2014 14 Comment(s) | Author: | Category: Appearances, Gallery, Mad Men

Last night, January gathered with her “Mad Men” co-stars for the premiere screening of the first episode of season 7 of “Mad Men”. She joined her cast in celebrating and reviews for the first episode sound promising. We’re hunting down info on her dress, but until then we’ve added over 100 images of January solo and with her co-stars arriving to the event and a few inside snaps of the girls to the gallery. I’ve also updated our archive of January’s Instagram photos, including a few awesome ones from the event. Don’t forget to follow January at @januaryjones and if you’d like to follow us on Twitter, tumblr, or Instagram, just click the links! We’re @januaryjonesfan across the board.

There are a ton more Instagram snaps that were added so be sure to click the images to go to the album and check them all out!

March 27, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Appearances, Exclusives, Mad Men

Set your DVR’s fellow January fans! According to NBC’s official site and Interbridge, January Jones will be visiting Jimmy on The Tonight Show! I believe this is January’s first Tonight Show appearance, but since she usually does her “Mad Men” late night promotion with Jimmy, it comes at no surprise. Catch the episode tomorrow night (Fri. 3/28/14)!

January also apparently did something with Diane Sawyer, but I don’t know what for. I’m hunting more information to update you guys with so come back soon!

March 22, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Gallery, Mad Men

I’ve added the new promotional shoot from Season 7 of “Mad Men” to the gallery in high quality, along with captures from the not-helpful-at-all trailer. Enjoy and check back in just a bit for January’s Violet Grey photo shoot!

January 22, 2014 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Mad Men, Press

AMC released a slew of 2014 premiere dates, including the launch date for the first half of the final season of Mad Men and the release month for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

The acclaimed period drama Mad Men will return Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. The show’s final 14 episodes will be split over two years, a strategy AMC employed with Breaking Bad (which had record ratings for its final batch of episodes last year).


September 21, 2013 Comments Off | Author: | Category: Appearances, Mad Men

As part of the pre-Emmy celebrations, Maybelline and Vanity Fair co-hosted a party for the cast and crew of “Mad Men” on September 20 at Chateau Marmont. January wore a blue, white and black zig-zag dress and mingled with co-stars Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, and Jessica Pare.. If anyone knows the designer, feel free to let us know! I’ve added 21 MQ to the gallery so go have a look and enjoy.

With “Mad Men” having a nomination for Best Drama, we expect January to appear at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards tomorrow night so be on the look out and come back soon!

September 18, 2013 Leave a Comment | Author: | Category: Mad Men, Press

AMC is giving Don Draper a two-year sendoff.

Mirroring a strategy the cable net employed with Breaking Bad, Mad Men‘s 14-episode seventh and final season will air in two separate 7-episode.

The first batch, titled “The Beginning,” will air in spring 2014, while the second, “The End of an Era,” will air in spring 2015.

“We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience,” said Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner in a statement. “The writers, cast and other artists welcome this unique manner of ending this unique experience.”