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Last night, January gathered with her “Mad Men” co-stars for the premiere screening of the first episode of season 7 of “Mad Men”. She joined her cast in celebrating and reviews for the first episode sound promising. We’re hunting down info on her dress, but until then we’ve added over 100 images of January solo and with her co-stars arriving to the event and a few inside snaps of the girls to the gallery. I’ve also updated our archive of January’s Instagram photos, including a few awesome ones from the event. Don’t forget to follow January at @januaryjones and if you’d like to follow us on Twitter, tumblr, or Instagram, just click the links! We’re @januaryjonesfan across the board.

There are a ton more Instagram snaps that were added so be sure to click the images to go to the album and check them all out!

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3 Responses to “January Jones Attends the “Mad Men” Season 7 Premiere”

For some reason I cant follow along on Twitter or instagram I dont like that and if I follow January I get blocked . So has a nice fan I am happy just to see and view her photos and read along the updates . Thats all I can do . Also going to unsubscribe to her photos albums . Ive stopped recieving updates . I hope that sounds.fair coming from a far away fan . And I am being Nice .

Apr 28, 14 at 1:33 am

One more comment before I go I am not upset because I cant follow you its actually good if we want to be friends .we each have private lives . I like certain updates and enjoy January posts or her team . Always fun reading along with a smile keep it up .

Apr 28, 14 at 1:41 am

I am going to be my own webmaster and make my own ideas real not like this site this is stupid site I can find my own photos of January jones and say there mine on my own site . Who ever made this site must be a real master at you know what .get real and share the love what kind of fan are you taking credit January jones brand takes all the credit and her name is visible on my site along with her pictures and I am her number one fan .webmaster go screw yourself . And get real This is not her OFFICIAL SITE So just be a fan and enjoy her BEAUTY .

Apr 29, 14 at 1:21 am


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