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“Mad Men” also had it’s New York premiere last night at the Crosby Hotel and the cast was in attendance, including our January, who spoke to The Daily Beast about using some of her postpartum emotions to play Betty. I’m not sure if there are any pictures, but I’ll keep checking. Don’t forget that the TimesTalks event is tonight. I’ll have the stream embedded for you guys if you can’t find the links!

Behind the scenes, one of the biggest stories during the hiatus was the mysterious pregnancy of actress January Jones, who plays Don’s wife, Betty Draper. When we last left Betty she was even more miserable than usual, and plotting to move with her partner, Henry Francis, to a home in Rye. Weiner, in all his wisdom, decided to use Jones’s condition to the character’s advantage.

“When we first started shooting this season I was eight months pregnant, and when we ended I had a four-month old, so there was a very big change in my life this season,” says Jones in a chat with The Daily Beast. “It was difficult shifting into that for me, personally, but Matthew is such a genius so he’s always challenging me with harder things to do using my post-partum emotions in the best way. He’s like, ‘You’re going to be really sad and really weird!’ so it was very therapeutic for me.”


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